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The Indra Group came into existence in 1954 under the guidance of Late Shri Tribhawan Lal Jain the founder of jackets in India, at that time when jacket were used as a body warmer in chilled weather.

The team of Kamal Kumar Jain & Rohit Jain started with a vision to set the mission of Indra to become the trend setter in the field of jackets and coats. Indra Values with its brand ‘OKANE’ is the largest Jacket manufacturers in India, beholds a strong presence in garments industry. The team has experienced the progressive path with too many achievements made in past 6 decades by Indra. On seeing the changing fashion trends in India the Group has also launched Capri, Lower, Barmuda, T. Shirts, Sweat Shirts and Track Suits.

Jackets-The Garments in fashions & Needs

Today’s most hot and potential oriented product in fashion trends with growing demands in fashionable styles for young generation and needs for old ones.


Day by day changing trends in fashion, New Designs & Styles embellished with attractive & beautiful looks of Jackets for men and women, girls & boys are visualized and created by team of highly skilled & qualified designers under the guidance of Rohit Jain.


Our products under brand ‘OKANE’ are available throughout India. Indra Values has clients all over India includes institutions, leading Retail Chain stores, Departmental Stores, Wholesalers, Retailers and individuals. With the integration of trends our Jackets look apart from other brands. Every day ‘OKANE’ has plenty to cater to various segments of the society.

Future Plans

‘OKANE’ endeavors to continue to be a leader in the field of garments designing by introducing latest concepts of the world.